Student Scholarships

Student Scholarship

  • Government and Private Scholarships With an objective to make education accessible for all, the government of India and the state governments run numerous government scholarships for students pursuing their studies at different levels.
  • Regardless of the caste, creed or class to which you belong, various scholarships offered by central and state governments cover almost every student in the country. We believe in the transforming power of education as way of nurturing shaping and developing the potential of students.
  • SSAGC scholarships are specifically designed to suit personal needs of every student, allowing them to explore passion and while at the time pursing their academics.
  • Our financial aid programs are set in schemes which cater for the financial welfare of students, who meet the designated criteria for scholarship reception. The students who satisfy the basic requirements of the scholarships, with the necessary ethical academic standards and good conduct, can be granted this financial aid.