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Humanities and Social Science department aims to make a holistic development of the learners. The motif is to cultivate a higher degree of scientific and analytical temperament, to sharpen multi-faceted talents of the learners which will make them sound engineers of futuristic India. It is also the prime responsibility of the department to connect students with the values of harmony and humanity and to promote the culture of peace, unity, higher ethical awareness for the betterment of the global society.

Mr. Akash Patel

Assistant Professor

Ms. Nikita Naik

Assistant Professor

Ms. Manisha Chauhan

Assistant Professor

Ms. Twinkle Rohit

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shivani Joshi

Assistant Professor

Ms. Priyanka Parekh

Assistant Professor

Our Studio

Experimental approximations carried out by engineering students to help them prepare for real-world applications.

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Seminar on

Tips and Tricks for Mathematics-1

Applied Science Department of S. S. Agrawal Institute of Engineering and Technology had organised an Expert Lecture on Topic “Tips and Tricks for Mathematics-1” on dated 18/09/2019 for 1st Year Engineering Students. The Seminar was presented by Prof. Riddhi K. Rekh . The objective of the programme is to give idea about Mathematics-1.


Workshop on

“Vedic Mathematics”

ASH Department of S. S. Agrawal Institute of Engineering and Technology had organised a Lecture on Topic “Vedic Mathematics” for 1st Year Engineering Students. The Lecture was presented by Prof. Ekta R. Vajani. In the session, students were informed about the Vedic Mathematics calculations.


Faculty Achievement

  1. Dr. Nisha S. Parekh has published following books: Fundamentals of Communication skills for B.E semester I & II with Atul Publication. & English for B.E. semester II (New Syllabus effective from 2018) with Tech-Neo Publication. ISBN No.- 978-93-89835-92-2.
Industrial visit   

Industrial Visit on

Vasudhara Dairy

ASH Department of S. S. Agrawal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Navsari had organized an Industrial Visit Vasudhara Dairy , Chikhli on 30th August 2019 . A total 65 students from 1st Year Engineering Department and 04 Faculties visited the Vasudhara Dairy Plant.

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